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Logic Pro X version of "X-hum"? Removing fan from recording..

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Hi guys,

I am new here and really need an advice please...


Thing is:


I have recently updated to Logic Pro X and Catalina.

And my (long ago) pirated Waves bundle works no more... (I am not mixing music for living, so for occasional use Ive bought it on torrents..).


From the whole bundle I was using mainly noise removing plugins.


Now a I need to remove fan noise and I dont how how to do that, only via LPX instruments.

There is a removal silence tool, but need to cut one specific frekvency, not everything below trashold.


Is there any way how to locate and remove fan noise from recording via LPX native tools?

Something that will work like waves's x-noise or izotope RX?


Thanks very much for you advice!!!


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