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Copying Takes Across Multiple Tracks


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Hi, I'll do my best to explain what I'm trying to do, which may be unorthodox! I have a recording using eight separate mics, so I have eight tracks. I have a couple takes that I'm comping, so I grouped all eight tracks together. That's working just fine.


Here's my issue: I want to take a portion of one of the takes from one part of the song, copy it, paste it as a NEW take, and use that new take in a different part of the song. I can do this using the marquee tool, but when I paste the desired section, the new take lane only appears on one of my eight tracks.


Is there any way to have this paste happen across all tracks? Otherwise I have to repeat the copy and paste process eight times.

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I would first copy/paste the desired take folder, then edit the take folder you just copied. Does that make sense? For example once you've copied the take folders you can flatten them to the desired take, flatten the other take folders that were already in place in that position in the song, select all original takes plus all new takes (across all the tracks) and re-pack new take folders.
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