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Sync Hardware to Logic Pro X 10.5


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Hi there.


I got a new Roland JD-Xi. I would like to be able to use its onboard tap tempo button to be able to control the tempo of the Logic project. The synth I guess would be the MASTER and logic would be the SLAVE. Is this even possible? I've read it is not.


If there is a way to control the tempo externally (using the synths) I've come up short. In the PROJECT SETTINGS.... I've checked the "Auto-enable external sync and tap tempo" box and set it to Manual. Still it seems Logic isn't getting any tap temp info from the synth.


Is there something I am missing?



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I don't feel you've missed anything.

I've had issues syncing old Roland gear with LOGIC since LP9. I believe your Roland synth is transmitting MIDI Clock.

While LPX uses MMC (MIDI Machine Control) and MTC (MIDI Time Code) which are in different formats to MIDI Clock.

MC counts bars and beats, and Transport start/stop messages, and can control internal Synth stuff like arpeggiators.

MTC and MMC look at Time (Hours Min Sec) and Frame Rates.

Perhaps there are LOGIC experts here who could help with a way to translate the Roland MC timing messages across formats?

That is outside my level of expertise.

Also, What are you trying to achieve musically as there may be a work around?

For instance, I've recorded a ROLAND drum pattern into LOGIC then used LOGIC's Beat Mapping to realign LOGIC's tempo...

I agree, much slower than External Sync but still achieved the same outcome.

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