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Recording midi sustain and expression pedals

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I'm recording a part using Logic's Vintage B3 instrument. I have both an expression pedal and a sustain pedal plugged into my midi controller. Expression automatically controls the B3 volume and I used the midi learn function to set the sustain pedal to control the Leslie rotation speed (slow/fast). These work great when I perform the part, but upon playback their effects are not heard. I can use the pedals to control the sound during playback. What do I need to do to have these controllers recorded? I don't remember having this problem recording with a sustain pedal on piano instruments.
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Okay, I was able to take fuzzfilth's advice and get it working. Strangely, my sustain pedal doesn't show up in the midi input in the environment. The expression pedal does. However, I realized I hadn't used the expression pedal in the organ part, so I don't know if it would have recorded correctly or not. I'll have to check that later. Incidentally, the rotary cabinet has more controls than I would expect and I'm not exactly getting the effect I want. Using "rotor speed" it seems to go instantly from slow to fast instead of ramping up. I need to experiment with the other three parameters that all refer to the rotor/motor.


Thanks for the help.

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Sustain events are not reaching the Environment because you grabbed them to control a plugin parameter.


Okay. I guess I thought the environment input view was a lower-level process that would show everything coming in from through the midi interface before it was processed in any way. Especially as it's displayed as being directly connected to the physical input.

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