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Logic project file grew from 100MB to 9.6GB


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I was perplexed when saving a project file took over 5 minutes. I typically start a project and when it is at a milestone, I save that version (01) and start another version (02)...and so on. The current project I'm working on is on the 7th version - and it grew from 108MB all of a sudden to 9.6GB. The only change in this version is that I added automation (for cutoff frequency) for one of the Modular V3 tracks. Is adding such automation known to cause the project file to such a big size?


How can I trim it so that loading/saving this project does not take so much time?


Thx. Sam.

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What version of Logic Pro X is that? Is the project saved as a folder or package?


Thanks David, for a quick reply.


I am on Logic 10.4.2 - because I don't want to spend more money to upgrade plug-ins that will not work on Logic 10.5. Also, I am always saving project as folder. Is saving as package a better option?



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Saving as a folder is the better option.


If you choose Edit > Undo History, what do you see? How many steps of undo do you have? If you reduce their number does it reduce the size of the project file?


HI David,


At present the Undo History has 5 entries. But, before I posed this question in the forum, I read on the net that look at the .logicx file with Show Package Content; and check the entries and size. I see that the Alternative folder size is > 9GB.


Hope this helps you.

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Ok then the issue is in one of the Alternatives, how many alternatives do you have? Did you create those alternatives knowingly?


I have only one Alternative (name 000). The attached screenshot shows the sizes of the contents of 000 folder. I did not create the alternative knowingly. Can I delete the Alternatives folder from Finder to reduce project size or do I remove Alternatives from within Logic Pro? I don't know how to delete them from LPX.


The attached screenshot shows the sizes of the contents of 000 folder.




Thx, again.

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Open the project in Logic, choose File > Project Alternatives > Edit Alternatives. Select the unneeded alternative, click Remove and in the alert that pops up click Delete.


I see that there is only one Alternative, and even after selecting it, the "Remove" option is disabled - probably because there is only one Alternative and it may be required by the project. Any way to edit it to cut the size?

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