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Live Loops audio keeps turning Flex and Follow on!


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Attempting to use Live Loops for live performance recording+playback. The main issue I'm running into is any audio that gets recorded to a cell is automatically analyzed and flex enabled, which means the new loop doesn't start playing immediately. I deselected all cells and changed the default settings in the cell inspector window and track inspector window to have flex and follow OFF, but every time I record something new it just automatically turns it back on and I see Logic do a split second analyzation before it plays back it back.


Any insight? I'm so close to being able to achieve this but this one problem is causing me such a headache!

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I've never contacted a developer team before, what's the process like? Does Apple respond?




Appreciate it. Reached out with the details.. hopefully this gets some light as I really don't want to hop on the Ableton bandwagon. I understand that Ableton ultimately does what I want/expect, but I just really like Logic's interface and have used it for many years. Live Loops has brought me 90% of the way there. If they do respond with information I will update this post.

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