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Project opens but does not show up on screen

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This is odd. Was in the middle of adjusting EQ on a track, and somehow in the middle of it, I glanced at an email. Closed down the email, but the only thing that shows on the screen now is the EQ plug in and nothing else. I am able to successfully open other projects, but everytime I go back to this one, I just get the GUI for the EQ on the screen. Dagnabit!


Screen shot attached.


I restarted logic, and also shut down and restarted my Mac. Same issue.


1. How can I get it back to normal, and:


2. What did I do wrong ?


Thanks for any help.



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DOH! thank you so much! Clearly I am not much of a computer guy! cheers!

Don't feel bad, we get this question all the time. This is actually a classic issue and one of Logic's idiosyncrasies, and every Logic user goes through it at some point or another. At least it's an easy fix.


In case you haven't figured it out by now this happened because last time you closed your project, to close it, you closed your main window. However the Channel EQ plug-in window remained on your screen, so your project was still open. So you closed your Channel EQ plug-in window. At that point Logic realized you were closing your project and asked you if you wanted to save it first, which you did. So in effect, you saved your project in that state: main window closed, only the Channel EQ plug-in window open.


So now when you tried to reopen the project, only the Channel EQ plug-in window opened.


Next time you want to close your project choose File > Close Project (or press Option-Command-W), or save your project before you close the main window.

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Hi David, thanks for the detailed explanation. Yes I typically close projects correctly, so this was the first time this had ever happened to me ( and I did do a quick search in the database but didn't find the answer directly) . I knew it couldn't be anything major.
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