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Logic w X32 mixer


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Hi, I want to record in Logic Pro x on iMac. Im using Behringer X32 mixer connected via usb. There are short sound failures or sound outages during playback and often there are also cracks in recorded tracks. Also I have the same problem with a normal playback on youtube or spotify but not so often. Internal card works fine without any sound outage during playback. I have tried update x32 firmware and many different settings in Logic Pro X (10.5.1). Also I have updated X-UF sound expansion card's firmware and I solved problem with sync but there is still problem with outages. X32 works absolutely perfect with PC (Nuendo 4, win10). I would like to use my equipment fully, so I searching for an advice. Anyone has an experience with that?


iMac 2012 21,5", Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB fusion drive, Behringer x32 sound card X-UF

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The X32's usb driver is not that great. Use a larger buffer setting for sure.


LogicPro has nothing to do with the problem. Not sure why it works better on Windows, maybe just a better-written driver on windows?


I myself use an expensive solution that won't help you which is to use a Lynx PCI card in my MacPro which then communicates with X32 using AES-50. I get very low latency audio and zero drops or problems, solid as a rock. That card cost over $1000 though, FWIW.


But I was not at all satisfied with the USB performance from the X32, in my view its subpar, at least on the mac..does not have very low latency either. There are some people that have gotten it working ok I guess, but me personally I would never trust the X32's usb performance for a live show situation. You might try the X-Live card instead of the X-UF, which includes both USB as well as the ability to record or playback 32 tracks directly from SDHC cards. I am not using my X32 live, but if I were going to record or playback live tracks on stage I'd use that card, not a connection to a computer...even if the USB drivers were better then they are, and they aren't very good...


X32 is fabulous for many reasons, but this isn't one of them.

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