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help! Some of my samples are on iCloud, how to get them back the easy way??

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Quick question. I found out because I was running out of iCloud storage perhaps that some of my samples from packs were uploaded to the cloud and taken out of the pack so you have to load them back in....irritating. I upgraded my storage. Is there an easy way to get all my samples ready to go again instead of having to "download' them back into the pack one by one from iCloud?

In the pics you can see the "long sweeps" are in the pack, but in Logic you can't see all of them. Crap for workflow....


Tnx for your help!!



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55gb available out of 500. I made the mistake of turning iCloud drive on with this mac so it just started moving files to the cloud which means some of my samples are not in my packs. Sucks. Can turn iCloud drive off but have to manually get those files back from the cloud. Don't know if there is an easy way so the files go back where they belong? Tnx!
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Right click the file and do Get Info and compare them to ones that play. Maybe the default application to open them is different, hence the different icon.


Have you considered using the Relocate Library function in Logic? Your hard drive is gonna get full very soon and you gonna have problems you don't want.

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Tnx guys, I think I managed to solve the problem. I moved about 64gb of old finished tracks and also my pictures were syncing to my mac so that was 32gb free. All in all about 200 gb freed up and then did a time machine for my sample packs folder from last June or so and downloaded that back in and now things are back in order. iCloud and sample packs are not a good option I learned.
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