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Cannot Open Project Templates


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Hi, I was trying to open the Billy Eilish Ocean Eyes demo project but for some reason I am unable to. A deeper dive into the matter and I soon discovered there are several other built-in templates that I cannot open either. All the ones I can't open have an arrow in the middle of the template's icon, as if to indicate I have to download it first, but I have downloaded the entire Logic sound library, I don't know what else I need to do to get this to work. Please advise.



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I was able to figure it out. It turn out that because I relocated the sound library is the reason it wouldn't load the templates, which is weird because I have not had any issues with the other sound when I use the Loop Browser.


Is there not a way to specify to Logic the exact drive and folder I want it to move its sound library to? It seems that the only option is to specify a drive and let Logic create the folder it wants with no option to customize this.

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