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Moving Tracks in the Mixer Window


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Is there anyway to move tracks in the mixer window? I'd like to position my guitar sub group next to the guitar tracks, drums sub group, next to the drums, etc. It seems like it should be a basic and easy function to do, but I can't find out anywhere how to do it. If anybody knows, I'd greatly appreciate the helpful tip!



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If you put your guitar tracks into s Summing Stack the sub-group will be on the left of the tracks...the AUX is right there. If you don't like "on-the-left" create a track for the sub-group AUX and move it in the tracks window.


Folder Stacks accomplish the same for VCAs

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No, the mixer window follows the order of the tracks in the main/arrange window. Move the tracks in the arrange window instead.


I'm resurrecting this not-really-that-old-thread rather then posting a duplicate question.


I'm getting back into Logic after a bit of time away, the memory has rusted :-) Having made a lovely template in the arrange window, it hurts me right in the OCD to hit 'x' and then see those lovely ordered and colour coded channels now spread everywhere like dropped skittles (this happens when the mixer in is in the 'All' display mode).


Is there really no direct way to have the mixer automatically match the layout of tracks in the arrange window?

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