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Help Customising Faders On Midi Controller


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So I just bought a Korg Nanokontrol2, and after hours trying and failing to program the faders to work in banks, I discovered Korg's Control Surface Plugin. Exactly what I wanted, including the little details like mute buttons flashing when a track is solo'd. Ideal.


However now I'm trying to customise it so that the first 5 faders work like normal, fader 6 controls the master and faders 7 and 8 I want to program to control expression and dynamics for my software instruments. I've managed to get the master fader working but i'm stuck on the last step. I changed the CC numbers to the correct ones using Korg's Editor, but they only work they way I want them too if I don't use the Control Surface Plugin. If I do use it then the faders don't convey any CC information to my software instruments.


Is this even possible? I bought it primarily for the expression control, but seems a waste of all the other faders if I only use it for that.


Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Ah ok then, still very new to MIDI controllers. In that case, is there a way in Logic to assign a button to switch fader banks up and down without the use of a Control Surface? I tried for a while but it wouldn't work until I had a control surface in the setup screen. If there's a way to have fader banks without doing that then that would solve my problem I think.


Also, thanks for the amazingly quick reply, wasn't expecting to hear so soon.

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There have been other threads on the complexities of trying to use a control surface module *and* a generic MIDI fader box at the same time. If you can get to the controller assignments of the nameKontrol, then you can edit these but it's non trivial as controller assignments are linked to the overall controller behaviour, and it's very easy to break things.


Changing the CC's the knobs sends only applies to generic MIDI mode, because when used as a control surface, all those messages and behaviours are pre-defined.


Fader bank is a control surface parameter, so you need one defined in order to use it - if you don't have a control surface active, there is no fader bank variable to control.

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Ah well, bit disappointing but understandable. I have found a workaround involving manually making controller assignments for each instrument individually. Does what I want but with a bit more faf.


Thanks again for the quick reply, and also your explanation really helped me understand more how controllers work, helpful for the future I'm sure.

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