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Can you auto-sample an acoustic instrument?


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Has anyone managed to use Auto-Sampler to simplify sampling an external acoustic instrument, say a guitar?


Of course you can't trigger the guitar notes w/ MIDI, but might it prompt "now play a G2 note at mid velocity"?

Or could you sequentially play and record the notes in order on a track and feed the recording to Auto-Sampler?


If not, is there any (other) sampling assistance for that in Logic 10.5.1 ?



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Logic now has a lot of the smarts of Keymap built in, which means you can drop recordings onto Sampler and get it to autotrim and map your samples.


Spend a bit of time with the Sampler manual and understand on what format to best make your recordings in, because once you adhere to a known format (depending on your requirements), then you can get Sampler ao automagically build a playable multi-instrument from your single raw recording.

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Even Quick Sampler can do it!


1. Insert Quick Sampler onto a software instrument track.

2. In QS, go into RECORDER mode.

3. Press Record and play a chromatic ascending scale.

4. Press Stop.

5. Go into SLICING mode.

6. If you see extraneous transient markers, double-click them to delete them.

7. Adjust the start key to be the pitch of the first note of the scale you played.


Done! :D





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