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Any Fader goes to -71.2 (0 dbFs) when clicked on upon song opening


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I may have created an issue. I was trying to get a Yamaha DM1000 to work with logic Pro X as a control surface. I was messing around with the control surface settings in Logic X and I think I did something that’s creating this issue. When I open up a song that was created originally using a saved template I created months ago, any track that’s highlighted upon opening is affected in this manner however not consistently. If I then select another track, it’s fader also goes down completely to -71.2. No matter how many times I manually click the fader and move it back to 0DBFS and press save, the problem persists however not always consistently. I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to an issue between the Yamaha DM 1000 and this particular logic template song. Is there a way to reset the control surface settings in this particular logic song template? I’m on a 2018 Mac mini running Mojave. During a gig it’s a buzz kill to have to stop the show to fix this problem manually. Thanks very much for all and any of your help.
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Control surface settings are global, not project-specific - you can remove (and then reinstall if desired) the control surface from the Control Surface Setup window, and/or trash your control surface prefs to reset things.

Thanks very much. I’ll manually remove the .CS file and see what happens.

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