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New audio interface...Antelope Audio Orion Synergy Core

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I decided to give Antelope Audio a try and ordered the Orion Synergy Core through a music shop on Amazon


They were running a promotion where I received a free Edge Solo modeling mic


After ordering, I received a phone call from the shop informing me that the only unit they had in stock was a customer return but that there was no damage to the unit and the full warranty was still in effect. Before I could answer as to whether I would accept the "open box", the shop informed me that, if I accepted it, they would give me a $300 Amazon gift card - so, why not? I accepted


The unit arrived about an hour ago:











I then disconnected my Apogee Element 24 and uninstalled the Apogee Control App and moved on to registering and activating the Orion SC - the process was simple and, within 15 minutes, I was up and running


The one issue I am having is that my keyboard volume controls no longer work - I can only adjust volume on the Orion SC itself - if anyone knows if this is normal, kindly let me know


I noticed that the sound is different compared to the Element 24 -- not bad, just different, like it is more sterile as compared to the Element 24 - I think this is a good thing, especially for making sure I am actually hearing the sounds uncolored by the interface


I am looking forward to learning more about this interface and now on to the challenge of learning the Antelope Controller App




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I am enjoying the sound from it but a couple of minor issues:


1-I have still not been able to grasp the routing matrix but, I contacted AA support and shared my screen with them while chatting and they routed everything for me in the matrix per my specifications - excellent customer service; and


2-When I put my Mac to sleep and power off the interface, I have to unplug and plug the interface back in for the Mac to recognize it again - AA stated their units do not go into a sleep mode and I should have my Mac never go into sleep but, I don't like leaving my Mac "on" 24/7 - so, although it is annoying, unplugging and plugging the interface back in after sleep is a small price to pay


3-the headphone volume is very low - I am using Audio Technica ATH-M50xWH Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones (38 ohms) so not sure why the headphone volume is low but I have seen this complaint from others as well - I only use the headphones once in a while so it is not a big deal


Overall, I am quite happy with the interface and would recommend

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Strange that you have to unplug it.

The Apollo that I have doesn't support sleep either so I just turn the interface off before I put the computer to sleep.

Have you tried just turning the unit off?



Yes, when I first got the interface, it would work when putting the Mac to sleep and powering off the interface but then, upon updating to Big Sur 11.4, it stopped doing such and I started having to unplug it (or, I could leave the interface powered on 24/7 and then the Mac going to sleep doesn't affect it)


Big Sur was definitely not ready for prime time as I get no notification badges on messages and some other minor quirks with it (since it was first released) - I should've stayed with Catalina

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