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Missing backup files


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I just lost about 2 hours of work. I have been saving periodically all day. When I went to bounce the project Logic crashed. After the crash I brought back the auto-saved version, everything was there. Tried to bounce it again and Logic crashed again. I have since determined that it was East West Play that was causing the crash. After I rendered that track it bounced fine. But here's the weird thing. The third time I loaded the project everything I did today was gone and it reverted to where I left off last night. There are no backups in the 'revert to' pull down from today. In the 'undo' pull down all the actions are dated from the time I opened the file today. I don't know if this is a contributor but I just 'upgraded' from Mojave to Catalina a few days ago. I'm going to have to recreate everything I did today, I just hope it doesn't happen again and maybe this is a bug?


I dunno

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