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Remove MIDI channels in mixer

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Thanks for your reply Danny,


That will remove the view of them, but they will still be there. When I open a new empty project there are no MIDI channels open like the ones currently in the project I am showing in the image. That being said they're not supposed to be there by default and I can't seem to figure out how to permanently delete them.

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My workaround to "fix" things that Logic is not doing properly, in my opinion, was to create my own template(s).

I hate the default metronome, for example, so my template has a different sound for it. Something I can actually hear. That kind of stuff. Maybe you can do that as well with the MIDI tracks hidden by default?

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  • Solution
I noticed when I select all in the mixer I have a bunch of MIDI instrument channels that I can't select and remove. Can you please tell me how to do this?

  1. Choose Window > Open MIDI Environment.
  2. At the top left of the MIDI Environment window, click the Layer pop-up menu and choose MIDI Instr.
  3. Click the Multi-instrument to select it.
  4. Press delete.

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Danny/David, thank you both for your input. David...my man, that did the trick.


Always a pleasure learning something new!


Thanks for the continuing support guys.


Always a pleasure to help (or try to help) someone in need :)

Good to know you found the solution. You can’t go wrong when David types on his magical keyboard haha

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