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How to prevent logic from stretching and pitching loops automatically


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Hi everyone,


Does any of you know how to prevent logic from stretching and transposing audio files when I drag them in the main window (either from the loop browser and the finder)?


For example, I have this nice violin loop that's at 120 BPM and in F. When putting it in a 122 BPM project in C, it will stretch it to fit and transpose it. It also sounds really bad quality wise I would like to be able to stretch and transpose it manually, but can't find the option to prevent it. Even if I change the key and BPM of the project to match the loop's, it will still stretch it and give it that ugly stretched audio quality Logic is known for...


What I want, is just drag and drop the files and then stretch and transpose them manually if I want to.


I guess Logic reads from the name that the file is a certain key and BPM and decides to adapt it to the project. That's really annoying...


Weirdly enough I converted the original .wav file to .MP3 and now logic is behaving normally. I noticed the icon after the name of the file on the region isn't the same, the MP3 one has the 2 circle representing a Stereo Track and the original wav one has 2 loops. So logic is detecting that the loop is indeed a loop and changing it's key, tempo and even gain. Would be great if I could deactivate this and not have to convert every files and want to use ;-)


Cheers and thanks for your help!

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