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2 track 2 mics only on drums . How to tighten up performance ?

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Is there a way in logic x 10.4.6 to tighten up a 2 mic (recorderman technique)s audio drum track ?Unfortunately, I don’t have the drums separated into the kick , snare , toms, hi hat. Any help greatly appreciated . Also please how do I expedite getting let’s say just the snare or just the kick to another track for sampling ? I see how to do this when the drums all have separate tracks eg kick snare , hi hat etc...


Seems the cutting paste method I’m using is way too tedious ....got to be something I’m missing ...


Do I quantize before or after committing the two mic recording to virtual drums? I want to add samples for kick and snare but also tighten up the performance which is not terribly sloppy but needs help.

I have tried flex time and quantize so I’m on the right track ...watched several YouTube’s but not many videos with just 2 mics for the entire kit


Thank you in advance !!!




Added content : I am able to quantize and move transients but I’ve created a duplicate of the drums and can NOT figure out how to separate the kick and snare ???

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