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Realtime & Offline Pitch Shifting


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Hey Y'all. I'm having a hard time using Pitch Shifter plugins / tools including Logic's stock ones. When i pitch an audio region (a long one) with Logic's Pitch Shifter, some of the transients disappear, it sounds like it's being delayed without actually being delayed. I know Pitch Shifting is a CPU-Hungry process but I'm down to have 10 seconds of playback delay after i press play and have no issues with Pitch. Here is what i tried so far and gave me the same result;


Logic's Pitch Shifter

Logic's Time And Pitch Machine

Selection Based Processing (tried with Pitch Shifter and a Plug-in)

Some Pitch Shifting Plugins

Holding down Option and Pressing Up / Down Arrow (Region Transpose) [This gave me the exact result i want but when there is no audio processing tool on the selected track. When there is, that issue shows up again]


I'm basically trying to hear the pitched version of an audio region / instrument track without having that issue, I'm down to have huge amount of playback delay if it's going to happen.


Thanks In Advance and Happy Easter!!

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Hey i just tried it and it opened a window where i can directly access the notes. I tried to select all of them and move them but it didn't work as i expected. Am i doing it wrong? I'm trying to pitch up/down a whole track, which contains bunch of different notes at the same time. Edited by djsnake
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Well that introduces the same issue since i do that with Region Transposing (Option + Up / Down Arrow). I have an application on mobile which does it the way I'm trying to do it but I'm not sure if it encodes Lossless. So I'm trying to do the same in Logic. It's basically a pitch and speed shifting app.
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