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So is it better to be in Live Mode now on a M1


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So in this original video at this time

(Fast forward to 0:33 to the System Overload example)


HS Angel Wings gave me a System Overload.

Now this same Logic project is running on my MacMini M1 and works like a charm, high but with plenty of room to spare from the top.



But now the question is this, when the track is select and put in Live mode, notice that it uses a single core, then when I select an empty track, now it uses 2 cores., wouldn't it make sense to now go into Live mode on a M1 to get only one core being used.


That's the ARM64 beta of Diva

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Hi, I got here after Googling the HS Angel Wings and high CPU usage. I'm having the exact same thing, but not in Login and not on a Mac...

Windows 10, Reason 10.4d4, i9-9900k @ 4.7GHz, 16GB RAM (5,4 in use). My current project with 7 other Diva instantes and countless other plugins, a lot of EQ's and heavy processed FX runs like 20% on the DSP meter of Reason. With the preset it spikes to 100% and audio start to break...Definitely something with that preset IMO.

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