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Capture MIDI in cycle mode


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Hey guys,

What's the deal with using capture MIDI in cycle mode? I feel like it behaved differently when the feature first got added pre Logic X, but I can't find a useful way to use it when in cycle mode for experimenting / jamming a part.



Here's what happens:


Cycle a section of the song, jam along until you find a part you like, then Capture MIDI. All MIDI captured since playback started is captured, creating one huge mess, i.e. If you've cycled 16 times, you have the MIDI from all 16 cycles merged together.



What we need to make this feature useful in cycle mode:


When using Capture MIDI in Cycle Mode, only MIDI from the last cycle is captured. If you there's something you want to capture, capture it before the next cycle begins or don't play when the next cycle comes round.


For this jamming workflow, I have started using Ableton Live (Pro Tools does it properly too).


I've tried different combo's of Preferences / Overlapped Track Recordings but no luck.

Does anyone know a way, or is this a bug that should be reported in the feedback section?



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