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Problems open existing projects on new Macbook Air M1


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Hi Guys,


i recently bought an M1 Macbook Air and now i have trouble to open existing projects (that i created on my old mac).

It says that plugins are missing (that are clearly installed) and the main Window doesn't even open.


When i create a fresh project, there's no problem at all, i can even use the plugins that were mentioned above as "not installed".


Anyone experienced something similar? Any suggestions? I am running Logic Pro X 10.6.1 and Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3 (the old Macbook used Logic Pro X 10.4.4 and OS X 10.12.6).


Thanks in advance!


Edit: I've managed to create a new Session (when running Logic under rosetta) and then import all the tracks / buses etc. Seems to work partially, one major problem is that Kontakt 5 isn't automatically replaced by Kontakt (6) and the plugins i mentioned above are still missing....


I've read that the Kontakt Problem was already there in Version 10.5.0....was it too early to switch to Mac M1? I've only read good things that everything is working, but i can't confirm that....


I've also tried renaming the Plugins to the names shown in the "Plugins missing" Dialogue, but it didn't work either.

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