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Jupiter Xm having loading error if the track is armed


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I found this weird error..


I connected the Jupiter xm with a single USB cable using it as an input device and running midi, audio.


I have 5 tracks in logic ( Software instrument - External Instrument ) ready for Jupiter Xm's 5 parts. ( The Jupiter Xm is a multi timbre synth. It has 5 parts ( part = track ) and "Scene" is a group those tracks)



So when inside logic and I have track 1 highlighted ( which is part 1 for Jupiter Xm ) and I load a scene in Jupiter xm, I get "Unknown - Not available " for that part 1 inside the Jupiter Xm. While other parts in Jupiter Xm loads fine..The Jupiter Xm keeps failing to load a part for any track Logic Pro X is high lighting. When I load a new scene while high lighting a empty track in logic, everything loads fine...

It also works fine when I'm using Jupiter Xm standalone. So what is causing this..?



Edit: I just noticed this. It's not if the track is highlighted, if the track is on the record enable state, then the Jupiter xm has error loading that part.

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