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Why can't I open some projects?


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I just started having this problem where some projects in Logic open fine and some don't open at all. The ones that don't open say "loading" and then show a never ending pinwheel. One of the projects I was actually able to open today, work on it for awhile, and then when I tried to open it again it wouldn't load. It's really frustrating! I appreciate any help, thank you.
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Do you see it running through the plugins as it’s opening and then stall at a particular one? Or is the wheel all you see?


It actually seems to be working now for some reason. When it doesn't work, it seems to stall at different points, usually early in the process. I used a plugin for a trial, but the trial expired and every time I open a project it says it failed to load that audio unit. I'm wondering if that's the problem.

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