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the new M1 imac

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am watching the keynote now... and considering it.


great new design, larger screen, the M1 architecture... impressive. do i need it? no, my 2019 imac does everything i need it to do (in logic and final cut). but.. but but but..... hmmm.


what do ppl here think of it?


edit: am thinking i should just give apple my bank info, since they get all my money anyway... :roll:

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Amazing how much they reduced the size of the logic board. Crazy.


it's impressive, but for me (i never see the back or side of my imac, it's on a desk by a wall)... not that important. the M1, the screen...those things interest me.


anyway, on the 30th will spec out what i'd need, then decide... if i need it. but it is amazing (the logic board).

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