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Plugin validated by lpx but not available in my instruments


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Hello producers,


I have a big problem that I haven't been able to resolve since yesterday.

I just installed the nexus 3 plugin on my mac. It is well recognized by Logic pro X in the module manager but it does not appear in the list of my instruments, I don't understand what is happening !!?


Has anyone ever had the same problem?


Look at the photos to better understand.


Thank you in advance :)





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Hello des99,


Yes I restarted my Mac and LPX several times since installing the plugin and nothing changes.


And yes, I also try to create a new folder "my plugins" into the plugin manager, and put nexus into it, but this folder not appears in my instrument list.. don't understand why.



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I contact them but they say me it's a Logic Pro X problem, they don't have the solution, because the plugin it's correctly installed in the plugin manager, and that's true... it just don't appears in my instrument list..
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It's surprising that ReFX wouldn't help you further. If there's a "problem with Logic Pro" not recognizing Nexus, you would think they would be interested in researching this further to understand why their instrument plug-in doesn't work with one of the major DAWs out there. I would try to insist that they help you make it work.


Try updating Nexus to the latest version? It's now at 3.4.4. https://refx.com/nexus/version/


Another troubleshooting step I would try is to create a new user account on your Mac and see if Nexus appears in Logic Pro on that new account?

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