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Stream audio from logic to a remote computer


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So internet speeds are plenty good these days for a fast Screenshare / VNC over the web.

This opens up tantalising opportunities for using a laptop as just a node to make edits to projects that live on a beefy studio DAW.

Problem with screen share of course as there's no audio. This can be alleviated on a LAN using AUNetsend on the Logic master channel, and AUNetreceive on the laptop. In fact to my surprise this works extremely well, I can barely notice any extra latency.

But the idea is of course to whip out the laptop and a pair of headphones anywhere on the go, and that means using phone's hotspot.

But Hotspots have NATs and no portforwarding, so that means we can't open a port for AUNetrecieve.


Does anyone know of a way to stream Logic's output to another computer? Or even to an iPhone?

Extra latency is tolerable for the convenience, but it wouldn't want to be much more than a second.


The only thing I can think of is HOST:Logic>Black Hole>OBS-Studio>-------->CLIENT:VLC


But that's a bit convoluted and a pain to setup each time, and the OBS step adds unnecessary latency.

Could there be a better way?

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