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Logic and iPad Pro


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Yo you crazy cats!

I'm just curious at workflows out there. The one apple device that I use the least in our household is the iPad. I still have an original "Air" and have never seen a reason to upgrade. In my mind, an iPad could never replace my MacBook Pro/Desktop. Professionally I use Logic and Sibelius. Yes I get the benefits of an iPad with more mundane "Office Apps" (Word etc) but when making music, an iPad always seems in my mind a less capable device. Yes, I've dabbled with some iPad music apps but none are better than what is available under Logic (Or its plugins). I'm opened minded about this stuff so would love to get other user's experience on this. (Keyscape on an iPad!?....Come on Eric!....would love that)


Sibelius, or Dorico or Logic with a pencil on an iPad so as to input music notation....now that seems cool!?


.......in saying all of this however; now that the Silicon chips are in the iPad, the gap between the two platforms seem to be shrinking. Does anyone here think there will be a iPad Logic version? (Garage band is just not Pro enough). Could an iPad integrate properly with external sound cards,....TV displays (For working to picture),....UAD Hardware?


Does anyone here use their iPads in a professional music environment more so than their Desktop/Macbook equivalent?

I'm always keen to learn and improve my techniques and workflow.

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In my book, nothing beats screen estate, which is why I have four monitors, three in a row and one on top. If you constantly jump between a handful of apps you will know the hassle of windows hiding other windows etc. and even just one Logic project can and will cover two or three screens easily.


Then I see no point in tapping letters and numbers on a virtual keyboard on a screen (yes, I hate the tiny letters on my smartphone too, I have big fingers). Waay faster on a real keyboard, and can be used without looking at it.


Point and click with a (thick) finger directly on screen requires a big scaled GUI that's not at all space efficient, so you see even less information on that already small screen, much better with a GUI for mouse or trackball.


Also, even most basic ergonomics forbid bending over that thingy laying on the table or in your lap for an entire work day, every day, that is just not sustainable, and if you flip it up, typing gets even more awkward.


So I guess that's a no on all fronts from me.

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