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New Launchpad Pro Mk3 controller integration on 10.5


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Is there a way to install the new Launchpad Pro Mk3 controller integration from LPX 10.6 and later on LPX 10.5?

For example, can I take an LPX 10.6 com.apple.logic.pro.cs file with the new integrated mapping instituted, and replace the corresponding file on 10.5, and then have access to that mapping?

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Good question about backward compatibility. I’m on Logic 10.6 with a LaunchPad X. During setup there’s a script to run from the Components app but I’m unclear what changes/addictions it makes to the *.cs file. When I look at Controller Assignments in Expert View there is a zone defined as “Control Surface:LaunchPad X” but there isn’t much there. I can’t see a reason this wouldn’t work with Logic 10.5


My bigger concern would be everything else you have defined as control surface in the *.cs file.


Also, I wonder what Logic integration you’re expecting from your LaunchPad? It’s been my experience that there isn’t much. Some basic DAW controls in Session mode, plus loop triggers in Live Loops. I had to create a custom mode to get transport controls and do some midi note ‘learning’ for Drum Machine Designer. I’ve chatted with Novation asking why they don’t deliver more Logic integration out-of-the-box.

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Thanks for the reply... My main issue, is that it is my understanding that the new integration does away w/ the need to ‘turn’ the Launchpad sideways to match what you’re seeing in LPX... Is this true? I know it’s a small thing, but due to my setup and cable arrangement, I would prefer greatly not to have to resort to this workaround...
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