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Going from Rosetta to Native with Logic


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Hi all,

Question for those who have a new AS Mac. Say you set Logic in Rosetta mode and then want to try Logic in Native mode just to check its performance(I understand I’ll loose all my Intel stuff, so everything apart from what’s in Logic), can this switch mess up something when I’ll go back to Logic in Rosetta? Plugins cache, etc. Would even like to try to make a project with only Logic’s FXs and VIs just like in the good old days... Hope my question is clear!! Thanks.



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I've switched a couple of times, it changed exactly nothing. I can't speak for third party plugins I don't have, but the ones I do have all work in both modes.

OMG!! I thought you had to be in Rosetta mode to have access inside Logic to the plugins that are Intel binaries and not yet native. Do you have Korg Legacy, Waves and UAD stuff? Thanks for the reply!!

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I have none of those three, alas. And all Logic plugins are native since 10.6.

Ok thanks. Well, if it doesn’t mess up anything going back and forth between modes, I’ll just try and see what I loose in Native mode. Thanks again for the replies.

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I have been running Logic in Rosetta mode, but trying again to see what happens. KORG M1 seems to work just fine as a software instrument. Added some Waves - Scheps Omni Channel with an H-Delay included - no real issues.


What I see as far as the system is concerned is the 'AUHostingCompatabilityService (Logic Pro)' consuming 51% of CPU, memory well within expected usage. Prior to Logic 10.6.2 and macOS 11.3 the combination of Intel plug-ins and native Logic didn't play nice at all...


The iZotope plug-ins behave badly, and they bloat the hosting process by a gigabyte of RAM...


Being big on the iZotope tools I think I'll stay in Rosetta mode ...

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