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Project clean up not working?


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I made a copy of a project with the intention of deleting all the music except for the drum tracks and master bus to use as a project template. So I deleted all tracks. The file size stayed the same at 1.75GB. So I googled what to do, and it says to press clean up the project in the file menu. This did nothing to the filesize. Any ideas?
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Two steps, first:

Go to the Project Files window (command-F on keyboard).

In that window go Edit - Select Unused, then Edit - Delete



Top menu File - Project Management -Clean Up


Sometimes doing the first step is enough if the project is fairly new.

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All you did was delete regions from the Tracks area, but the audio files references are still present in your Project Audio Browser, so Project Cleanup doesn't delete them.


Either do both steps as instructed by triplets, which will #1 remove the references from the Project Audio Browser then #2 offer you to delete the files that are in the project folder but are no longer referenced by the project itself,




In the Project Audio Browser, choose Edit > Select Unused then Audio File > Delete File(s) which actually delete the audio files from your hard drive, and not just the references to those files from the Project Audio Browser.


Hope that was clear enough.

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What role do the "Consolidate" or "Clean Up" commands (under File: Project Management, I think) play in this process?




Consolidate puts all project audio files that may be scattered around your hard drive but are still part of it, in the project's audio files folder.


Clean Up is the second step of getting rid of unused files.

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Then Step 2 seems to be either Edit: Delete or Audio File: Delete files.


Do those two second steps yield different results?



Audio File > Delete File(s) can be used only when an audio file is selected. It deletes both the audio file on the disk, and the reference from the Project Audio Browser to that audio file. An alert asks you to confirm this destructive operation.




Edit > Delete can used when an audio file or a region is selected. It behaves the same as selecting a region and pressing "delete" on your keyboard, in the Tracks area or in the Project Audio Browse. When an audio file is selected, if the project had been closed and reopened since that audio file had been recorded, then you don't get an alert, and only the reference from the Project Audio Browser to the audio file is deleted. If the audio file was recorded in the current session (since the last time you opened the Logic project), then you get an alert offering to either Keep or Delete the audio file.



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671938973_ScreenShot2021-06-13at11_38_46AM.png.91880e1d11af1513a8cdd4aaa05c7043.pngThanks for the clarification. I'm having further issues with certain songs - folders that are coming in at 44+GB. I'm getting Audio File Not Found messages that go for days, listing one missing track after the next. I worry that in some cases "scratch vox1" might reference scratch vocals for any number of songs, and as such, I'm not keen to delete these files. I'm determined to clean up as much of the messes I've been making in Logic since I started using it, but we all know it's easy to make new messes at the same time! Help?
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