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Logic & VEPro 7 advise needed


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Every now and then I return to Logic because I want the simple life!

In my set-up I use two servers running VEPro 7, a Mac and a PC.

My question to you is: Do anyone of you, that use this kind of set-up, go for a " 1 instrument=1 instance" kind of set-up in VEPro 7?


When I am on Cubendo, I collect all my Strings, Brass and Woodwinds in their own instance in VEPro 7, but the routing fort and back makes me insane. Setting up big libraries like Berlin Brass or Woodwind, with all those Kontakt instances, the routing of MIDI and audio!.

I have so many libraries, but often I only use one string section, one woodwind section and one brass section in my arrangements, so I will hardly go over 60 VI in a project.

Do you think a template i LPX with disabled tracks and the " 1 instrument=1 instance" approach to VEPro 7 would be a good solution?


I just like the idea that every track holds an instrument that returns on a fader, and that's it.


Any help much appreciated!

Stig Christensen MUSICMIND

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Now to answer your question yes, that's a great solution and perfectly reasonable to create a template where each track is routed to a different instrument. It avoids many painful workarounds for dealing with automation and multi-timbral/multi-output instruments that are a bit convoluted as your template grows in Logic Pro. So if you don't see any disadvantages to using one track per instrument then that's the route I would recommend you take.
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