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How to export with buses separate for mixing technician?


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I've always had a hard time understanding how I export a song the right way so I'm 100% sure all the tracks + aux tracks sound the same after.


1. I've now written down all the buses db info. Isn't that necessary for my technician to know?


2. And how do I export everything the right way so that buses are separate, but blend the exact same way when my mixing technician imports everything as audio tracks into his daw?

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1. Not necessarily, it depends on him, how he likes to work, and how you export your tracks exactly. What are you using the busses for?


2. Same questions apply.


Basically the difficulty is to determine how much mixing you've already done, and how much you're going to trust him with. For example if you're using the busses for reverbs and if I was the mixing engineer I would rather not have any of your reverbs, on the other hand I wouldn't mind a mixdown of your entire mix to get an idea of how you intended to have the reverbs sound. Then again if you were 100% sure of a specific reverb sound you wanted and wanted me to use that then I may consider it.


But the answers are going to differ vastly depending on what you're using your busses for.

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i have collabs send me tracks without any effects (including eq, compression, reverb); but if they really believe in an effect, they send a second copy of that track with the effect they like; mostly, i'll use that for reference, but sometimes... it works as is (sometimes). it's really messy to, for example, eq a vocal (for example) that's bathed in reverb... and so on. still, i've done mixes with heavily-reverbed vocals, a guitar track that also has a high hat, etc. you work with what there is.


talk to your mixing person; but always best to send clean, uneffected parts.

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Stop referring to him as a technician. He is a part of the team who will be making creative decisions about your music. He deserves respect. You should admire his work and his creative choices from other projects that he has been a part of. I'm a mixer and I would not work with you if you referred to me as a technician.



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