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Logic Pro Mojave Download


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hello. I have a question. No matter how hard I look, there's no answer.


I was currently using Catalina, but I downgraded to Mojave after resetting the MacBook.


But when I logged on to the App Store, the Mojave version says that Logic Pro is no longer downloaded. (Upgrade Catalina to download it.)


I want to use logic pro in Mojave. Is there any way?


Please help me.

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I want to use logic pro in Mojave. Is there any way?


If Logic Pro is still displayed under your items in the App Store try to compress your current Logic application and then re-download it.

I haven't tried this with a "downgrade" scenario yet but it somehow works with the upgrade scenario (when going from High Sierra to Mojave).

The important step for me was to do this not from the actual product page in the App Store but from the page where all your previously bought applications are listed.

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First question did you already purchase logicpro earlier while you had Catalina or are you trying to purchase it now under Mojave?


Probably you can’t purchase it. However if you login to app store under Catalina and then purchase it; after that you should be able to go to the App Store under Mojave and download it, it will complain but will download the highest version supported by Mojave.

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