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multiple outputs with aggregated device with logic pro?


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I´m kind of new with Logic


I need advice with the following matter


I`m using version 10.6.2

I have two motu interfaces, a new 24 Ai and an old Ultralite mk1

OSX Catalina 10.15.7


I can use both interfaces to work as one (aggregated device)


or using the ultralite as output device and the 24Ai as input device


now,, I need a second output from logic to send an audio sync signal to my Acme SND master clock, as I use logic to record 24 channels from my Midas 240 direct outputs


in order to being able to do this, besides setting up the 24 ins in logic with the 24ai interface,I need to open an instrument track so I can open on it a plug in that send an audio signal to the motu ultralite, this audio signal then is routed to one of the 8 outputs of the ultralite,,say.. output 8


the ultralite also works as master output, as you know the motu 24Ai have only inputs


this audio signal then is connected to a audio input on my master clock, then the master clock convert use this audio sample to sync all my gear, the master clock then can send midi, analog clock and din-sync to all my stuff


so far the best way the whole system runs is when I use both interfaces independently,, but it is also fine to use both as aggregated device


ok now the problem I have is: no matter which of the 2 methods I use, as aggregated device or each by it´s own ( ultralite as master ouput plus the audio signal to the master clock to the Acme SND, then the 24Ai as the audio input device) I cant figure out how to have two different outputs in logic, I want this because I need to keep the ultralite audio signal on it´s number 8 output totally independent from the master output, so it do not get mixed into the master


what is happening is this: if I want to use software monitor with the audio signal running on it´s out track, I can have the master output metter on the mixer, I need to delete the track, then mix the stuff,, then create again the instrument track, add the plug in and then when I record I wont have the master output meter on the signal,, and I need it to keep the master mix from being too hot


how can I have two outputs on logic? one for listen software monitor that is being recorded to the 24ai, and a second one that can send to the ultralite so I can listen the master output from logic, but also need to send this independent audio signal to output 8 on the ultralite? or I need three?


as I said, I`m new to logic, sorry if the question is to silly but I have been triyng the whole week,,and I need to deliver stuff


thanks for your attention, andy advise is greatly appreciated

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Logic will see however many outputs the selected audio device has. So if your aggregate device has, for instance, 6 outputs, Logic will be able to have output channelstrips sending to each of those (6 mono, or three stereo output channels). You can route whatever audio channels you want to whichever output channel strip you want.


I'm not sure where your problem is? Do you not see the required output channelstrips? Or do you not know how to route channels to them?

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Yes you are right in everything, logic see and detect with no problem both interfaces, either working as aggregated device or independent as the ultralite as input device /24Ai output device


in both cases I can set the 24 channels ins via the 24Ai


logic´s output via ultralite main outputs 1-2 stereo


everything fine until this point


the problem comes when I open a software instrument channel, the I put in the plug in that generate this audio signal that goues thru ultralite´s output 8, this audio signal goes from output 8 direct into an audio input on the hardware masterclock,, so logic can send this signal to this clock and the everything runs in perfect sync for mutitrack recording


the problem comes when I add this plug in,, the moment I press play, logic output stop sending signal to it´s software monitoring output, I check both channel strips,, output still on ultralite´s main output 1-2 and the plug in audio signal on ultralite´s output 8


all the inputs remain on the 24Ai inputs, signal still coming in,,


the only way to get the stereo output back is deleting the software instrument with the audio signal plug in, once I do this, master output returns


as I said I`m new to logic, but not to music production in hardware-software,, just moving on from ableton to logic and here is where I get lost


I need both stereo output running normally and also the audio signal being routed to channel 8 on the ultralite .. strange thi is the ultralite is being used onl as output device,, all the inputs are being handled by the 24Ai


I know I must be missing something.. just don´t find the issue


thanks :)

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