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High Pitched Noise Suddenly Appeared!!!


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Hi all:

So I recorded a song this week where I used some of the voices in Logic that have been prerecorded. I inputed them with my keyboard (Motif 8). So when I touched the appropriate key the voice would say whatever it was recorded on that key. Everything was fine and I opened that file back up tonight to find that whenever that track played back it was nothing but a high pitched noise sound. I looked on the help sight and found some suggestions about making sure the audio interface was set to In and Out correctly which it was and also that in the Mac's preferences it was also set to that same interface which is the Scarlett. The interface is brand new and the computer it brand new and never had this problem with this song until tonight. I tried shutting the computer down and restarting it which didn't help. I tried listening back to the track without using the Scarlett so that it was set to headphones and that didn't change anything either. Now when I play the keyboard with the track in question highlighted it only plays the high pitched noise instead of the prerecorded voice talking. I have noticed that every once in a while there are other glitches that seem to be happening like the program just crashes. It only did that once, but also the transport marker for the measures will sometimes not move or even be allowed to start back at the beginning yet if I hit rewind it will play from the beginning. This problem has been solved with a reboot, but it is making me think there might be some issues with this new mac. It is the one that has Big Sur and has a T bite of memory in it so I wouldn't think that it is running low on power. This was the reason years ago that I went to a Roland 24 track because I got so frustrated with how little could be done on the computer before it started having latency problems. I hope I haven't made an expensive mistake with this new computer though I love the program and the features that it has.

If anyone can help me figure out some of these issues I would greatly appreciate it and thanks so much guys in advance for taking the time to help.



P.S. I'm also looking for some people that would want to collaborate on some song writing if anyone is in to that. Please email me.

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