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Spacing and overlaying issues in Environment mixer


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Is anyone else seeing this, or is this some preference or something I've overlooked?


Load up (in succession of course) Logic templates, and in each case going directly to its Environment mixer. Everything is left at its default with nothing changed.


Hip Hop; Electronic; Songwriter and Orchestral all show to varying degrees, empty spaces between groups of channelstrips. Hip Hop is by far the worst, which at a rough guess would total at least a dozen screen widths, if you scrolled from the left most channelstrip to the right most. Notice how small the scrollbar is on the bottom of the HipHop screenshots.


Hip Hop; Electronic and Orchestral have 1 or 2 lots of channel strips overlaying each other.


The last 2 Logic Templates are normal.


A second Logic start and loading the templates again reproduced the same gaps and channelstrip overlays.


HipHop with gap and overlaying channelstrip


HipHop hard right with gap and overlaying channelstrip


Channelstrip overlay


Channelstrip overlay


Channelstrip overlay (Piccolo and Flute1)

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