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"Solved" How to solo or mute a non selected track?


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Hello :D ,


I would like to know if it is possible to Solo or mute a non-selected track.

Like In Ableton Live with the keyboard or midi assign function.


I tried with the Contol Surfaces / Controller Assignments, sending midi notes to the solo button.

It worked as a normal solo function.

(It will solo the selected track same as I was using the keyboard shortcut s)


When I arrange music, I use a wave track with the song,

then I add midi tracks to add some strings for example.

I'll work with the Score editor on a separate window.


I need to quickly mute or solo the wave track, without having

to switch to the main window and select the track I want to solo or mute.


Any ideas? :?:


Thank you :)


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Hello ozinga,


Thank you for your reply.


On the Logic Remote app the mixer on the iPhone is linked with the track I select.

So I can't use it.


I found that the Learn Mode of the Controller Assignments Channel Strip is automatically set as Selected Track.

But I can change the Channel Strip to Audio and assign the track I want. In my case 1 :D

I use Keyboard Maestro to send a midi note via a keyboard shortcut and Voila!


Thank you for your help! :D



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