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Apple Silicon Plugin Compatibility List


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Do we have something like this in the forum?

If not, would be good to have a pinned thread.

I just got an M1 Air to test and would start with M1 compatible plugins first, before turning the machine to a mess which will happen eventually :)

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there are SO many 3rd-party plugins out there, and things are constantly in flux; who's going to maintain this list? wouldn't it be easier to just check with the developers of the plugins you yourself use, and find out their status with the new architecture?

i mean, if there are 10,000 3rd-party AUs, and you use 12... you really only need worry about those 12. then, if you want to add something new because it's something you want... you can check on it then.

of course, these sort-of lists do exist; sweetwater (for example) has something: macOS 11 Big Sur: Compatibility Guide

and if you want to start a list here, am sure you'll get support; this forum has a bunch of ppl already running M1 macs.

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There is also this one, which allows you sort by date of entry, which is GREAT for keeping track of status updates.



Note that that list is for Big Sur OS (software), not for Apple Silicon processor (hardware)


I actually think that such a list is a great idea, I'm going to start one and pin it at the top of the forum, just add to it if you want to and I'll edit the original list as people add new information. Thanks!


You can find the list at the following link: Apple Silicon (M1, M2) Compatibility: AU Plug-Ins, Software, Hardware

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