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I/O Setup Plug-in No Sound!

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Hi everyone,


I recently bought an expansion device which is Behringer ADA8200 in order to expand my existing Apogee Element 24 audio interface.

I'm a guitar player and I have a rack system that includes some studio devices such as TC2290, DBX160a, etc.


Once I've recorded my guitar sound, I just want to add some delay using my TC2290 rack unit, that's my main problem here.

This is my currently setup and I already connected all the devices as below;


I'm using Logic Pro X 10.0.6 and this is my I/O Settings on Apogee Element 24.

As you can see I set the Clock Source as Optical, I also tried Word or Internal.


And this is my I/O setup on Logic Pro.


When I play this channel, I do not receive any sound or any interaction on DBX160A. It suppose to be a loop between this channel and DBX.


I'm quite new for home studio recording and actually stuck at this point.

I've tried a lot and I don't know what I have to do right now. Do you have any idea about that?



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