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Exporting AAF


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I am collaborating with a studio using Pro Tools and need to send an AAF file of the project to them.


Each region has a specific name that I renamed from the original audio file as I edited.


However, when I exported the project as an AAF - the names I had given were changed back to the original audio file name.


How can I send them this project as an aaf using the new name of each region.


Thank you so much

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"AAF export in Logic is broken in my experience."


Agree. I tried to send as an AAF to PT, and there was only references to files in PT – no actual files at all. Could it help if you save Logic project first as a package, and after that try to export as an AAF?

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AAF export in Logic is broken in my experience.

Sent them stems.


Best AAF advice, triplets.


I tried and tried and the only real solution was to cobble together a workflow using logic and pro tools (monthly subscription made it possible)

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