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Update pianos and....


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I would love to see some really nice high quality pianos. Uprights, Grands, etc. The current libraries are.... mediocre.

I would also love to see higher quality instruments in general, even if that means less instruments. I prefer to have less really high quality instruments vs a plethora of satisfactory instruments.

Better drum sounds, yes the new drummer has some ok sounds, but they need a lot of tweaking to get them good. Why are they all programmed wet with a ton of room? Give us the dry sounds and let us add what we want. Whoever edited those patches..... should be..... let go :-0. JK.


But seriously logic has sooo many great features and is really customisable and I love that. But the quality of the instruments.....As well as the GUI, well. The bar should be raised much higher.


Why not work with spitfire? Christian and the whole spitfire crew uses logic!

Mac Mini m1, RME Babyface Pro, Logic Pro, Latest Big Sur
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