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BUG: Erratic behaviour in negative delay compensation on AUX tracks in multi timbral instruments


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Steps to reproduce:


1. Create an instrument track with a multi timbral instrument.

2. Create aux channels and add as tracks and set tracks to different midi channels.

3. Set a negative delay on the main instrument channel. This should affect the aux tracks as well (greyed out and listed as "Inst" in the inspector).

3. Record midi to the AUX tracks.

4. Work with other tracks, recording, playing back, etc.

5. Observe how randomly the recorded contents on the AUX tracks ignores the negative delay.

6. Record arm the main instrument track and playback again.

7. Observe how the recorded content now applies the delay.


EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR: Aux tracks connected to multi timbral instruments should always use the delay value in the main instrument track they are connected to.


EDIT: This also happens when sending midi from a summing stack containing the AUX track. Randomly, it's necessary to record arm the target track, otherwise the midi will not be delay compensated.


This bug has been reproduced by several users, I recently had a discussion in a Facebook group for film composers about this.


System: Macbook Pro 16", 64GB RAM, macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Software Version: Logic Pro 10.6.2

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