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Logic feature paralysis

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As a music composer that’s been using Logic for many years, there’s nothing inspiring to opening a new Logic project on my Mac. I used to pick-up a trusty guitar and pluck out some chords, but lately I’m using iOS music apps on my iPad to browse beats and chord progressions. Logic is super powerful and a wonderful DAW but it is sometimes overwhelming.


What techniques do you use to overcome “Logic paralysis”?

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@Numstummy I think your answer lies in your post. Why don't you just pick up that trusty guitar again, pick out some stuff, and see what happens. Give a try. In my view if you've used real instruments yourself, it never really leaves you, no matter what bells and whistles you have at your disposal.
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The problem with software and its endless possibilities is that it makes you feel you're underusing it if you make a simple song with, say, six tracks and very few plugins. No groups, no stacks. Nothing.

My foray into Eurorack, being so expensive, has taught me you can make do with whichever few modules you can afford and get very satisfactory results, which would have felt totally inadequate had I made that same thing in a DAW. ie. It's all in your mind.

Not sure it's answering your question, but I do look for inspiration by getting out of my comfort zone. For example putting away the midi keyboard and using only the step editor.

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Another trick is to try to very-carefully focus on exactly what "bright, shiny objects" ought to concern you right now. Pick a particular target. Of the great many features that are competing for your attention, which ones seem likely to take you towards that target?


Another trick that I like to use when learning something brand-new is – "a loose-leaf notebook and a number-two pencil." As I'm experimenting, I keep a ... yes, handwritten ... journal.


When I encounter the next thing that I don't understand, I write it down – writing anything and everything that comes to me without stopping. Now, having done that, I have captured it. I can refer to it later. I can't forget it. And, I have briefly paused to reflect as I absently use my pencil-sharpener.


"Note to self: that fee-chur sure looks interesting ... need to investigate it sometime soon. But, not right now."


I find that this really helps avoid the "white rabbit problem," where you chase after the first bunny that occurs to you then the next one then the next ... until you've completely lost sight of where you are and why you wanted to go there in the first place.

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