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An excellent script (now damaged)for Cinematic studio string


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I downloaded the excellent script "Thanos.03", to manage the delay of cinematic studio string, kindly provided by its creator NOamL. When I opened it in Logic's script, it seemed distorted to me. All the code is written on line 16 of the script! NB : My other scripts appear them in a conventional way with Logic 10.4.4. under Mojave.

If anyone has the original script (in good shape), it would be great to send it here. Thanks in advance.

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why do you need to decrypt it? I would reach out to Naoml and ask him for it. I actually decrypted it myself some years ago, but I do not feel comfortable sharing it without his permission. I also made some modifications of my own, but in the end, I feel the KSP solution is better.


To Decrypt it, first of all, use a javascript beautifier to create a copy of the script that isn't all on one line. I actually went in and manually renamed various things to make it a little more readable still beyond that.

OSX 12.x (Monterey) on OpenCore - Logic Pro 10.7.4, VePro7, Mainstage3 - 5,1 MacPro 3.46ghz x 12 96gb ram

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