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Writing Scores - Repeated sections


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My tune starts with a 16 bar phrase (A) which repeats once before moving on to section B.


The guy who will be playing it has asked me to edit the score to replace bars 17-32 with the sign to repeat from the beginning.


The only way I know how to do this is by making an alternative version and chopping out bars 17 - 32 and putting sign to repeat.


Can someone tell me how I then change the new bar 17 to 33?



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Perhaps you could export the relevant parts as MusicXML and use a dedicated scoring program to prepare a manuscript for your player(s).


MuseScore (https://musescore.org) is an excellent and very-powerful program that runs on everything and that also just happens to be free. 8-) It is very actively supported and rock-solid.


At a time when I had some money burning a hole in my pocket, I was ready to buy the most-expensive version of Sibelius or Finale, but I decided to check out MuseScore first. After I did that, I stopped looking. I had the money but never spent it.


Whereas a DAW like Logic is focused on "a stream of precisely-timed musical events," for which it can render a corresponding musical score, a scoring program is focused on "a printable document," for which it can render an approximate musical playback. In my view, these are complementary objectives which do not overlap. MusicXML is a standard interchange-file format supported by both types of software.


A scoring program, for example, is aware of the notational expectations of different instrument players – e.g. if they by custom play notes that are different from the ones listed on the score, the software will print the correct ones automatically. Any notational symbol or sign can be added at will.

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