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how can I stop m32 keyboard track instance button lighting in logic


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im desperate lol, I tried everything.. let me explain.


I bought an M32. I tried Komplete control plug in and it does weird things to my M1 since its only intel version ! really NI ??


so I use logic and have set up the controls successfully .

no browser / plug in / track buttons lights up and it works under template 1 in midid

but suddenly now when I turn on the keyboard and start logic the track light comes on and the midi does not work.

yes if I use Komplete control plug in it works, but I do not want to use this until its universal.


I get around this problem by selecting bypass all midi, then open set up ... I have to do this a few times before the track light goes out and I have full midi control.



I was wondering if anyone with a Mac knows what's happening ? I did try adding m32 under set up, but this didn't do anything to help.


I did delete the com.apple.logic.pro.cs a few times but this did not turn off the track light on the m32...


is there a folder that stores the turn on track by default at launching logic ? any ideas ?


its just bugging the heck out of me since sometimes track light does not turn on ..and sometimes it does on logic start up ..


also I had a aka max49 kbrd. but sold it for the m32 .. but the akai option in midi select is still there greyed out, where is this stored so it disappears ?

I'm just curious about this .. it makes no real difference.



when I plugged in the m32 for the first time and since, logic has never asked if I would like to use m32 alert


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