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Analyze old .lso project settings ?


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This is a long shot but here goes....


I have an old Logic Project (2005) in which I used a snare sound I like. Problem is that the snare was loaded and triggered via Kontakt 3. I no longer have Kontakt 3 and/or it's not compatible with Big Sur so I can't open the sample. I have to use Kontakt 5 or 6. Problem is I don't have visibility of which sample I loaded. Is there a way to look inside the logic project somehow and analyze the sample name that Kontakt 3 was trying to pull up?

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No, you likely won't find the sample in plain text, it's likely a binary blob of data (which might even be compressed) which represents the state of the Kontakt instrument.


If it's from so long ago, would you even have the sample on your drives? If so, you'd probably find it more productive to look through your stuff from that era and search manually through likely candidates until you find it, than by any file hacking or short cuts...


Unless someone has a system with Kontakt 3 on it that can load the project and have a look...

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ha! good luck with that....

I did a mockup entirely ITB in 2005 using Logic 6 (or 7) and Kontakt 2. Ended up doing a studio recording of the song a few years later. Now I have a client who heard the original mockup and liked how I programmed the drums and bass and wants that trio of sounds on his song that has a similar vibe. I don't have the luxury to say no. I found 30 kicks that are "close" but he can hear the difference and wants the one. I can probably talk him into using whatever snare he wants out of my extensive Superior Drummer 3 collection, but he won't budge on the Kick. Go figure.


Here's a snippet if you have any ideas of anything remotely similar.


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