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Recording a small space for ambience sound


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Hey Craig. ; ) I believe that would be convolution reverb impulse. So you would set up several microphones, fire a percussive hit of some kind, then feed that data into software. The software does the math, and returns with an impulse. With that impulse, you can place anything else in a similar space. However, if this can be done, someone has probably already done it for you! In Space Designer, Altiverb and many others there are online compilations of impulses. It could save you a lot of trouble to find one you like and use that. Good luck.
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Yes Thanks I just learn that there are free online IR. But I need my own space since I in a one bedroom apartment donot have a lot of options All I have is a a zoom h5 recorder with tiny stand to keep in up and a binaural headphones mic I thought about put the headphone mic on a big can of beans and a usb condenser mic has its only stand sorry this is all very new


Would any of these mic work good and if so how would I place them to get best results

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